Choose any of 16 hotels available in Volissos

Porto Limnia
price: 54 EUR   rating: 9 
Zorbas Apartments at Limnos Beach
   rating: 9 
Volissos Holiday Homes Boutique Hotel Apartments
price: 151 EUR   rating: 10 
Aigiali Studios
price: 39 EUR 
Ethalia Hotel Volissos
Fabrika Volissos
price: 34 EUR 
Lithos Homes Hotel Volissos
price: 59 EUR 
Lydia Lithos Houses
price: 82 EUR 
Pyrgos Village
Stavento Volissos
price: 64 EUR 
The Castles Key
price: 63 EUR 
Villa Parparias
price: 212 EUR 
Volissos Homes
price: 49 EUR 
Yasemi of Chios
price: 58 EUR 
Zorbas Apartments Volissos
price: 37 EUR 

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