Choose any of 54 hotels available in Psakoudia

The White Rabbit Psakoudia
price: 21 EUR   rating: 9.2 
Cronwell Resort Sermilia
price: 97 EUR   rating: 9 
Philoxenia Bungalows
price: 31 EUR   rating: 8 
Aggeliki Apartments
Alexandra Psakoudia
price: 44 EUR 
Apartment Psakoudia
price: 28 EUR 
Apartments Karpetis
price: 59 EUR 
price: 68 EUR 
Appartment psakoudia halkidiki
price: 34 EUR 
Archontariki 3
price: 149 EUR 
price: 89 EUR 
Artemis Stone House
price: 105 EUR 
Avgerou Studios and Apartments
price: 56 EUR 
Beach House Christos and Valentina
price: 79 EUR 
Bianco Olympico Hotel
price: 87 EUR 
Big Summer House Halkidiki
price: 252 EUR 
Camping Sithon
price: 16 EUR 
Dora Beach House
Elizabeths House
price: 52 EUR 
Giannis Maria Apartments
price: 34 EUR 
Giota House
Halkidiki Luxurious Stonehouses
price: 114 EUR 
Hotel Philippion Beach
House Garlis Apartments
price: 41 EUR 
Iris Accommodation
price: 54 EUR 
Koktsidis House
price: 40 EUR 
Kontessa Studios Apartments
price: 35 EUR 
Koralli Apartment
price: 80 EUR 
Lelegianni Studios
price: 53 EUR 
Likithos House
price: 119 EUR 
Melissa Psakoudia
Orion House
price: 89 EUR 
Paschalia Apartments
price: 39 EUR 
Pavloudis Apartments
price: 59 EUR 
Pension Nikos Psakoudia
price: 44 EUR 
Porto Psakoudia
price: 79 EUR 
Psakoudia Holiday Home
price: 65 EUR 
Psakoudia Villas
price: 119 EUR 
Red Coral Apartments
price: 43 EUR 
Stone House Afrodite
price: 110 EUR 
Stone House Andromeda
price: 100 EUR 
Stone House Dionysos
price: 109 EUR 
Stone House Nikos
price: 99 EUR 
Stone House Paris
price: 69 EUR 
Stone Villas Psakoudia
price: 130 EUR 
Stonehouse Ioannis
price: 119 EUR 
Sunnyside Psakoudia
price: 135 EUR 
Sweet Orange Psakoudia
Takis Apartments
The Hotel Melissa Gold Coast
price: 36 EUR 
Vasilis Stone House
price: 99 EUR 
Villa Anna Maria Psakoudia
price: 65 EUR 
Villa Paramithi
price: 110 EUR 
Zachariou Apartments I II
price: 68 EUR 

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