Choose any of 48 hotels available in Platys Gialos

Villa Nireas
price: 71 EUR   rating: 9.9 
Argo Hotel Mykonos
price: 144 EUR   rating: 9.8 
Bay Bees Sea View Suites Homes
price: 116 EUR   rating: 9.8 
Nissaki Boutique Hotel
price: 279 EUR   rating: 9.8 
Rinoulas Apartments
   rating: 9.6 
Myconian Ambassador Relais Chateaux
price: 376 EUR   rating: 9.2 
The George Platys Gialos
price: 165 EUR   rating: 9.2 
Artemoulas Studios
price: 92 EUR   rating: 9.1 
Pelagos Studios Platys Gialos
price: 66 EUR   rating: 9.1 
Petasos Beach Hotel Spa
price: 249 EUR   rating: 9.1 
Petinos Beach Hotel
price: 219 EUR   rating: 9.1 
Esperides Apartments Platys Gialos
price: 63 EUR   rating: 9 
Katerina Studios Mykonos
   rating: 9 
Kamari Hotel Platys Gialos
price: 314 EUR   rating: 8.9 
Pelican Bay Art Hotel
price: 86 EUR   rating: 8.9 
Acrogiali Hotel Platys Gialos
price: 147 EUR   rating: 8.8 
Adelmar Hotel Suites
price: 144 EUR   rating: 8.3 
Mina Studios Platys Gialos
price: 109 EUR   rating: 8.1 
Lady Anna Hotel Mykonos
price: 504 EUR   rating: 8 
Manos Studios Mykonos
price: 75 EUR   rating: 8 
Petinos Hotel
price: 145 EUR   rating: 8 
Mykonos Palace
price: 209 EUR   rating: 7.8 
Mykonos Kosmoplaz
price: 85 EUR   rating: 7.7 
Bella Vista Studios
   rating: 7 
Bay Bees Apartments
Branco Mykonos Hotel
price: 426 EUR 
Casa Grande Platys Gialos
price: 90 EUR 
Casa Nostra Platys Gialos
price: 74 EUR 
Charming House Platy Gialos
price: 233 EUR 
Edem Apartments and Studios
Edem Garden Residence Mykonos
price: 73 EUR 
Erato Villa
Giannakas Studios Platys Gialos
Hotel Anna Platis Yalos
price: 170 EUR 
Hotel Teo
Irini Villa Platys Gialos
Kamari New Wing Hotel
Mykon Villa
price: 845 EUR 
Mykonos Greek Luxury Hotel Suites
price: 277 EUR 
Neos Petinos
price: 156 EUR 
Petinos Htl Aptns
Romantika Platis Yalos
price: 52 EUR 
Studios Katerina Platys Gialos
price: 119 EUR 
Studios Manos Flora
price: 119 EUR 
Thalassa Boutique Hotel Suites
price: 217 EUR 
Villa Giovanna Platys Gialos
Villa Meliti Platys Gialos
price: 99 EUR 
Villa Tiffany Platys Gialos
price: 397 EUR 

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