Choose any of 58 hotels available in Plaka

Villa Paradise in Naxos
price: 119 EUR   rating: 9.4 
Zefyros Studios
price: 43 EUR   rating: 9.4 
Medusa Resort
price: 227 EUR   rating: 9.2 
Horizon Hotel Plaka
price: 48 EUR   rating: 9 
Mare Monte Studios
price: 31 EUR   rating: 9 
Sea Melody Studios
price: 39 EUR   rating: 9 
Studio Loukas
price: 50 EUR   rating: 9 
Valena Mare
price: 59 EUR   rating: 9 
Blue Harmony Apartments
price: 41 EUR   rating: 8.9 
Kalamouria Studios
price: 24 EUR   rating: 8.7 
Plaza Beach Hotel
price: 93 EUR   rating: 8.4 
Acti Plaka Apartments
price: 32 EUR   rating: 8 
Angeliki Studios Apartments
price: 169 EUR   rating: 8 
Studios Vrettos Plaka
price: 29 EUR   rating: 7.7 
To Armiro Boutique Houses
price: 194 EUR   rating: 10 
Akti Karra 2
price: 29 EUR 
Ambelaki Studios
Ampelos Resort Hotel
price: 59 EUR 
Apollonia Studios
price: 24 EUR 
Aqua Breeze Villas
price: 620 EUR 
price: 42 EUR 
Casa Lido Plaka
price: 99 EUR 
Depis Beach
Depis Ebiria
price: 36 EUR 
Depis Luxury Villas
price: 153 EUR 
Depis Studios Plaka Naxos
price: 32 EUR 
Depis bay villas
price: 34 EUR 
price: 48 EUR 
Fata Morgana
Filippa Studios
price: 38 EUR 
Golden Sand Plaka
price: 34 EUR 
Harry Potters Magical Naxos House
price: 298 EUR 
Holiday Home Arsenios
price: 281 EUR 
Maistrali Rooms Apartments
price: 42 EUR 
Marine Dream
price: 34 EUR 
Mateus 2
price: 44 EUR 
Mateus Studios
price: 25 EUR 
Michaella Nikos Maria Studios
Naxian On the Beach
price: 280 EUR 
Naxos Island Escape Suites
price: 159 EUR 
Nikos Maria Studios
price: 109 EUR 
Orkos Blue Coast
price: 39 EUR 
Orkos Sunset
price: 55 EUR 
Plaka Bay Villas
price: 149 EUR 
Plaka Camping Naxos
price: 15 EUR 
Plaka Hotel
price: 44 EUR 
Plaka II
Ploes Seaside Houses
price: 112 EUR 
Salinus Naxian Villa
price: 363 EUR 
Studio Tolakis
price: 29 EUR 
Sunrise Villa Plaka
price: 261 EUR 
Tower Resort Naxos Island
price: 1192 EUR 
Venti Villa Naxos
price: 650 EUR 
Villa Chrisa Blue
Villa Christina P
price: 498 EUR 
Villa Kerras
price: 159 EUR 
Villa Panagia Agioy Arsenio
price: 234 EUR 
Villas Naxos Grande Vista
price: 209 EUR 

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