Choose any of 15 hotels available in Livadi Crete

Alianthos Suites
price: 40 EUR   rating: 8.4 
Aloni Suites
price: 38 EUR   rating: 8.1 
Alianthos Villa
price: 347 EUR 
Circe Greek Goddess of Magic
price: 501 EUR 
Cozy House Livadi
price: 70 EUR 
Ef Zin Villas
Ellie Villa
price: 127 EUR 
Fortino Villas
price: 358 EUR 
Myrtia Beach House
price: 121 EUR 
Palm Mansion
price: 120 EUR 
Tersanas Beach Lodges
price: 30 EUR 
Villa Bougainvillea Livadi
price: 199 EUR 
Villa Helen Livadi
price: 99 EUR 
Villa Kiara Livadi
price: 180 EUR 
Villa Plumeria Flower
price: 445 EUR 

Most popular hotels in Livadi Crete