Choose any of 23 hotels available in Lefktro

Stoupa Quartet
price: 60 EUR   rating: 7 
Anastasias Home
price: 181 EUR 
Armonia Lefktro
price: 45 EUR 
Asanti Villas
price: 188 EUR 
Beautiful Mani
price: 60 EUR 
Casa Antica Lefktro
price: 300 EUR 
Eleanthi Residence
price: 500 EUR 
Eleon Villas Mani
price: 126 EUR 
Maniatiko Village
price: 129 EUR 
Oasis Lefktro
Panorama Lefktro
Sundy Maria Apartments
price: 72 EUR 
The Architects Villa
price: 383 EUR 
Trochalo Villas
price: 169 EUR 
Trochalo Villas 2
price: 109 EUR 
Villa Aggelina
price: 238 EUR 
Villa Amanda Lefktro
price: 70 EUR 
Villa Angeliki Lefktro
Villa Kastania Lefktro
price: 54 EUR 
Villa Lefktron
price: 109 EUR 
Villa Margaret Lefktro
price: 130 EUR 
Villa Onar Lefktro
price: 109 EUR 
Villa Sunset Lefktro
price: 286 EUR 

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