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price: 49 EUR   rating: 9 
price: 44 EUR   rating: 8 
Anastasia Apartment Keramoti
price: 130 EUR 
Apartment Argo Keramoti
price: 110 EUR 
Eleni Apartment Keramoti
price: 109 EUR 
Georgios Apartments Keramoti
price: 69 EUR 
Golden Sands Keramoti
Hotel Holiday Keramoti
Hotel Irini Thrace
price: 39 EUR 
Kassiani Studios Keramoti
price: 49 EUR 
Keramoti Luxury Apartments
price: 139 EUR 
Melanthi Apartment
price: 109 EUR 
My Erofili
price: 75 EUR 
Politakis Apartment
price: 128 EUR 
Romilias Apartment
price: 51 EUR 
Stasa Luxury Apartment
price: 139 EUR 
Studios Ioulia
Sunset Luxury Apartments
Sunshine Apartment Keramoti
price: 140 EUR 
The Oak Hotel Keramoti
price: 112 EUR 
Angel Luxury Apartments
price: 129 EUR 
Anna Apartments Keramoti
price: 60 EUR 
Apartment Aggeliki Keramoti
price: 119 EUR 
Apartments Thomoglou
price: 59 EUR 
Astoria Aparthotel
Botargo Suites
price: 148 EUR 
Dimitrios Luxury Apartment
price: 129 EUR 
Electra Apartments Keramoti
price: 69 EUR 
Filippion Hotel
price: 59 EUR 
Ioanna House Keramoti
price: 149 EUR 
Irini Apartments Keramoti
price: 75 EUR 
price: 49 EUR 
Katie 1
price: 109 EUR 
Keramoti Villa Magnolia
price: 99 EUR 
Kostas Apartment Keramoti
price: 119 EUR 
Markos Luxury Apartment
price: 119 EUR 
Orange House Keramoti
price: 43 EUR 
Studio Nakis
price: 49 EUR 
Summer House Fotini
price: 99 EUR 
The Castle Keramoti
price: 55 EUR 
Tzamtzis Apartments
price: 98 EUR 
Villa Bellevue Keramoti
price: 113 EUR 

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