Choose any of 25 hotels available in Kato Agios Markos

Corfu Secret Hotel
price: 36 EUR   rating: 9.8 
Gorgona Apartments
price: 27 EUR   rating: 7.6 
Andreas Apartments
   rating: 7 
Alex Apartments Kato Agios Markos
price: 29 EUR 
Anna Maria Apartments Ypsos
Apartments Elli Nikos
price: 54 EUR 
Brigidas Apartments
price: 60 EUR 
Corfu Dream Fani
price: 33 EUR 
Corfu Dream Village
price: 34 EUR 
Ilias Apartments Ipsos
price: 29 EUR 
Ipsos Holidays
price: 53 EUR 
Konstantinos Apartments Hotel
price: 35 EUR 
Korinas Apartments
price: 34 EUR 
Marilena Apartments Studios Ipsos
price: 27 EUR 
Rea Seaside Apartments
Sunny Dreams Apartments
price: 56 EUR 
The Comfy Hostel Studios
price: 19 EUR 
Theodora Apartments Kato Agios Markos
price: 64 EUR 
Valentino Corfu
price: 25 EUR 
Villa Caterina Kato Agios Markos
price: 63 EUR 
Villa Kiki Ypsos
Villa Marina Kato Agios Markos
price: 59 EUR 
Villa Sofia Kato Agios Markos
price: 36 EUR 
Zoi and Alexia

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