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Elounda Garden Suites
price: 62 EUR   rating: 9.8 
Elounda Island Villas
price: 84 EUR   rating: 9.7 
Elounda Heights Adults Only
price: 64 EUR   rating: 9.6 
Elounda Olea Villas And Apartments
price: 80 EUR   rating: 9.6 
Blue Palace a Luxury Collection Resort and Spa Crete
price: 223 EUR   rating: 9.4 
Elounda Krini Hotel
price: 46 EUR   rating: 9.4 
Elounda Beach Hotel
price: 277 EUR   rating: 9.1 
Alikes Apartments
price: 39 EUR   rating: 9 
Argyro Apartments
price: 22 EUR   rating: 9 
Corali Studios Portobello Apartments
price: 44 EUR   rating: 9 
Elounda Mare Relais Chateaux Hotel
price: 261 EUR   rating: 9 
Elounda Peninsula All Suite Hotel
price: 364 EUR   rating: 9 
Kavos Bay Apartments
price: 47 EUR   rating: 9 
Manos Elounda
   rating: 9 
Milos Apartments Elounda
price: 36 EUR   rating: 9 
Porto Elounda Golf and Spa Resort
price: 155 EUR   rating: 9 
Aquila Elounda Village Hotel
price: 123 EUR   rating: 8.9 
Elounda Blu
price: 89 EUR   rating: 8.8 
Elounda Gulf Villas
price: 148 EUR   rating: 8.8 
Markakis Apartments
price: 44 EUR   rating: 8.8 
Royal Marmin Bay Boutique Art Hotel
price: 130 EUR   rating: 8.6 
Akti Olous Hotel
price: 60 EUR   rating: 8.5 
Elounda Bay Palace
price: 157 EUR   rating: 8.5 
Elounda Sunrise Apartments
price: 35 EUR   rating: 8.5 
Elounda Palm Hotel
price: 84 EUR   rating: 8.3 
Elounda Apartments
price: 46 EUR   rating: 8 
Elounda Traditional Art Suites
price: 109 EUR   rating: 8 
Kalypso Hotel Elounda
price: 35 EUR   rating: 8 
Selena Hotel Elounda
price: 39 EUR   rating: 8 
Elounda Ilion Hotel
price: 44 EUR   rating: 7.7 
Elounda Eleon Villas
price: 107 EUR   rating: 7.6 
Tasmania Village
price: 26 EUR   rating: 7.3 
EloundaVista Villas
price: 71 EUR   rating: 7.2 
Elounda Breeze Resort
price: 87 EUR   rating: 7.1 
Elounda Carob Tree Valley Villas
   rating: 10 
Elounda Solfez Villas
price: 272 EUR   rating: 10 
Palemilos Apartments
price: 82 EUR   rating: 10 
Aether Villa
price: 482 EUR 
Antonia Rocky Apartment
price: 41 EUR 
Argiro Apartments
price: 21 EUR 
Aristea Hotel Elounda
price: 23 EUR 
Aritousa Villas
Athina Rooms Elounda
Awesome Sea Views At Infinity Pool Solfez Villas
Calypso Hotel Elounda
Christina Rooms
price: 47 EUR 
Dolphins Elounda
price: 36 EUR 
Eleftheria Sea Side Traditional House
price: 76 EUR 
Elounda Apartments by The Sea
price: 49 EUR 
Elounda Aquasol Resort
price: 117 EUR 
Elounda Beach Front Villa
Elounda Black Pearl Villa
price: 497 EUR 
Elounda Blue Villas
price: 600 EUR 
Elounda Gulf Villas And Suites
price: 167 EUR 
Elounda Luxury Villas
price: 557 EUR 
Elounda Olive Garden Studios
price: 31 EUR 
Elounda Palm
price: 105 EUR 
Elounda Panorama Villa
price: 894 EUR 
Elounda Princess
Elounda Relax Apartment
price: 63 EUR 
Elounda Sea Star Apartments
price: 18 EUR 
Elounda Sea Suites
price: 119 EUR 
Elounda Spa Villas
price: 429 EUR 
Elounda Sun And Sea
price: 34 EUR 
Elounda Three Bedroom Villa
price: 231 EUR 
Elounda Villa Sea Front
price: 1642 EUR 
Elounda Villas
price: 411 EUR 
Elounda Villas Elounda
price: 453 EUR 
Estelar Elounda Princess
Fortune Villas
price: 1092 EUR 
Giorgos Apartment
price: 31 EUR 
Glan Y Mor Elounda
price: 206 EUR 
Hotel Aristea
price: 23 EUR 
Kalidon Apartments
Lena Apartments
MLM Villas
price: 347 EUR 
Nikos Apartments Elounda
price: 23 EUR 
Olive Grove Apartments
price: 45 EUR 
Olondio Apartments
price: 39 EUR 
Olous Villa
price: 298 EUR 
Pension Oasis Elounda
price: 38 EUR 
Raphael Villa Crete
Reginald Villa Crete
Sailors Apartments
price: 34 EUR 
Sfirakis Traditional House
price: 49 EUR 
price: 52 EUR 
Sun Sea
price: 48 EUR 
The Traditional Homes and Villas of Crete
price: 61 EUR 
Vasilis Apartments Crete
price: 69 EUR 
Villa Andrea Elounda
price: 199 EUR 
Villa Bouganvilliea
price: 166 EUR 
Villa Eureka
price: 348 EUR 
Villa Marina Elounda
Villa Meltemi
price: 248 EUR 
Villa Myrto Elounda
Villa Panagia
price: 55 EUR 
Villa Panorama Elounda
price: 202 EUR 
Villa Plaka
price: 230 EUR 
White Pearl Villa
price: 597 EUR 

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