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Limanaki Hotel
price: 56 EUR   rating: 9.2 
Mouikis Hotel Argostoli
price: 62 EUR   rating: 9.1 
price: 27 EUR   rating: 9.1 
Byron Hotel Argostoli
price: 38 EUR   rating: 9 
Camping Argostoli
price: 29 EUR   rating: 9 
Casa Di Sonia
price: 29 EUR   rating: 9 
Nondas Apartments
   rating: 9 
Panorama Studios Argostoli
price: 43 EUR   rating: 9 
Suites and The City
price: 68 EUR   rating: 9 
Aggelos Hotel
price: 38 EUR   rating: 8.6 
Ionian Plaza Hotel
price: 51 EUR   rating: 8.5 
Tourist Hotel Argostoli
price: 53 EUR   rating: 8.5 
Lorentzo Hotel
price: 48 EUR   rating: 8.2 
Marina Rooms Argostoli
price: 34 EUR   rating: 8 
Galaxy Hotel Argostoli
price: 25 EUR   rating: 7.7 
Mirabel Hotel
price: 43 EUR   rating: 7.7 
Olga Hotel Argostoli
price: 67 EUR   rating: 7.7 
Lefteris Village Sea Lagoon View
price: 89 EUR   rating: 7.6 
King Agamemnon
price: 30 EUR   rating: 7.4 
Miramare Hotel Argostoli
price: 49 EUR   rating: 7 
Aggelatos Villas
   rating: 10 
Ionian Vista Villas
price: 80 EUR   rating: 10 
Aenos Hotel
price: 54 EUR 
Angelika Studios Lassi
Anna Studios Argostoli
Argostoli Hotel
price: 48 EUR 
Argostoli Rooms
price: 49 EUR 
Aspasia Argostoli
price: 32 EUR 
Attic Retreat
price: 58 EUR 
Barbaras Maisonette
price: 99 EUR 
Blue Paradise Argostoli
price: 44 EUR 
Bright Cozy House
price: 51 EUR 
Cefalonia Star Hotel
Cefalonia Star
Emmas Studios
price: 34 EUR 
Europe Hotel Argostoli
price: 56 EUR 
Helianthus Apartment Argostoli
price: 29 EUR 
Hellenic Sun Studios Apartments
Hotel Galaxy Kefalonia
Idras Apartment
price: 73 EUR 
Ionian Galaxy
Ionian Mirabel
Ira Apartments Argostoli
price: 43 EUR 
Kefalonia Grand
price: 75 EUR 
Kostas Residence
price: 69 EUR 
Kyknos Studios
La Casa Di Nonna Argostoli
price: 44 EUR 
Liostasi Maison Provencale
price: 137 EUR 
Marias Villa Argostoli
price: 179 EUR 
Marilis Studios
price: 49 EUR 
Marina Studios I
price: 44 EUR 
Marina Studios II
price: 55 EUR 
Marys Apartments
price: 59 EUR 
Melidron Argostoli
Melissaratos Studios
price: 34 EUR 
Monteduca Apartments
price: 44 EUR 
Myros Studios
price: 50 EUR 
Papadatos Studios
price: 34 EUR 
Rouchotas Studios
price: 86 EUR 
Seapine Studios
price: 34 EUR 
Simonas Loft
price: 59 EUR 
price: 59 EUR 
Socrates Sea View Flat
Sofias Delightful Apartment
price: 114 EUR 
Spyros Apartments Argostoli
price: 44 EUR 
Studios Rania Argostoli
price: 44 EUR 
Thomatos Beach Apartments Fanari
price: 32 EUR 
Villa In The City
price: 99 EUR 

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